The Artist

"I create work that creates an emotional response in an effort to communicate my clients or my own ideas. I also create work that is relevant to our current society which opens up conversation of current events. I work with authors and clients interested in making their imagination a reality."  

To become a significant and memorable illustrator and fine artist. To have a passion in creating influential work in today's society. Create memorable pieces that will be referenced for key parts of our history. 

Albert Collado is an Illustrator based on Long Island, New York. Born in 1996 in the Dominican Republic, creating art has always been a way Albert could express himself. Mainly focusing on portraiture he has moved on to including his love for realism into his illustrations. He strives to capture the likeness of his subject while also telling a story in each of his pieces. Albert has already been working in the field of illustration from illustrating his first children's book to illustrating articles, as well as being commissioned for murals. 

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